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What is Enlyten???

Enlyten is a thin-film strip that quickly dissolves in the mouth delivering active ingredients, quality supplements and vitamins faster and more efficiently than anything else on the market today. You place the strip inside the mouth and let it dissolve (for best results place between the cheek and gum). The nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes go to work right away. Science proves it! Enlyten equals fast, effective delivery of what your body needs-when you need it.

So forget all the old remedies like pills, juices, and sugar loaded drinks that weigh you down and leave you feeling either bloated or jittery. Forget the extra carbs and calories and sugar crashes. You need Enlyten Science.

Who is using Enlyten?

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Where do I get Enlyten?

Go to www.enlyten.com and enter in Promo Code: Melinda and save 10%

I look forward to your feedback after you try the product, please contact me at mepopham@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Melinda Popham
Enlyten Independent Distributor
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